Kobe       (1950-2014)

Kobe, artistic alias of Jacques Saelens, was a Belgian sculptor whose work has touched peoples’ lives all around the world. He created his own style of sculptures, shaping figures that are instantly recognisable.

Two themes dominated his creations: the female figure in all its simplicity and mystery, and the horse as a symbol of strength, companionship, and connection.

Fascinated by the ancient cultures in Central and South America, Africa and Asia, Kobe travelled around the world to develop his artistic vision. Each one of his creations is therefore preceded by a long journey of study, passion, and awareness. They are of the highest quality and appreciated by critics for their unique form of combining the broad, wide and the thin, narrow. His sculptures are often compared to those of Fernando Botero and Marino Marini.

Kobe did not overcomplicate or inject his art with hidden meanings. Instead he was in constant search of simplicity, purity, and beauty. Through his works of art Kobe brought feelings to life for the world to enjoy: happiness, affection, love, and friendship.

Kobe: “A sculpture is finished when I’m done playing with it.”

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